Benefits Eligibility & Enrollment Services

Whether you have a simple plan design or a complex array of plan choices and carriers, SHPS provides reliable, accurate Benefits Eligibility & Enrollment services during annual benefits enrollment and throughout the year.

No one is more experienced to handle your benefits. With more than 25 years experience in benefits administration, we’ve seen it all. Our benefits administration professionals have earned their stripes working with clients in all kinds of challenging situations, including mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and other unexpected business events.

SHPS consolidates carriers, simplifies annual benefits enrollment and helps organizations like yours develop multi-year strategies, while delivering a consistent experience to all participants.

The many benefits of SHPS Eligibility & Enrollment include:

Easy integration — SHPS Eligibility & Enrollment service integrates easily with other SHPS solutions, including spending accounts, COBRA and direct bill.

Rapid implementation — SHPS’ configurable website platform minimizes the lead time required to modify eligibility rules — so you can put your new benefits program in place faster and go live on time.

24/7 access to benefits information — We integrate all benefits information into a website that gives employees an ideal experience with managing their benefit elections, life events, personal profile and more.

Eliminate errors, reduce costs — We reduce costs by automatically verifying and reconciling eligibility data. This eliminates overpayment of premiums, administrative fees, and paid medical claims for non-eligible employees and dependents.

Custom communications — In addition to standard participant communications, SHPS can provide custom communications. Our team will help you strategize your annual enrollment communications, perform research and planning, develop creative materials, and oversee printing and fulfillment.

Customized reporting — We can track a client’s benefits administration goals, identify progress towards performance guarantees and help develop long-term strategies that create value for employers and employees.